A faithful dog saved the girl’s life


Dogs are undoubtedly the most loyal creatures in the world. And this unconditional love and loyalty is once again confirmed by a photo that recently appeared on the Internet: a service dog refuses to leave his mother’s hospital room.

But that special bond began when Shauna Darcy decided the dog would help her in her never-ending fight with anxiety. And she wasn’t wrong at all.

Because it was love at first sight. And the adorable puppy turned out to be more than a service dog. Without realizing it, when Shauna got Ruby, she had a friend. Real!

Shauna said that while training to become a service dog, she noticed that she was starting to feel changes in her heart rhythm and was acting in a fun way.

«Like, slap me in the face, try to get my attention, jump on me, and then.»

In other words, Ruby is more like a guardian angel to Shona. She is still with her adoptive mother.

And her daily routine includes monitoring Shauna’s blood pressure and heart rate, as she also suffers from a serious illness.

In addition, this trait also helps his human companion during panic attacks by carrying food or picking up fallen objects.

Ruby saved her mother’s life a few days ago. She started warning Shownu that something was wrong. And although the young woman feels good, she decides to trust Ruby’s instincts and calls an ambulance.

It turned out that she had atrial fibrillation in her heart. By the time paramedics arrived, she was almost unconscious and in pain.

Thanks to her loyal and special dog, Shauna can breathe again. But Ruby’s loyalty doesn’t stop her. She refused to leave her while she was hospitalized.

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