A woman makes a dog believe that he is going for a walk in the forest and abandons him


Despite the inspiring and beautiful stories about dogs, there are still stories of cruelty to animals.

Stories of poor dogs who have been abandoned and abused by their abusive owners. engage in ruthless activities. The camera filmed a woman walking her dog in the forest for the sole purpose of abandoning him.

She was recorded walking her dog in the woods. Suddenly, you see her running to her car to leave the poor dog defenseless in the forest.

The abusive master then runs away before his dog can catch up with him. But thanks to the video recording of his actions, the cute dog was taken to the nearest rescue shelter and the woman was charged.

The incident took place in a park in Vancouver, Washington, and was captured by a camera on a house overlooking one of the park’s entrances.

The woman stopped in a gray Tesla before opening the back door and asking the yellow lab to get out of the car. As if she was just taking him for a walk in the park, and the excited dog obediently came out and waited for the woman to leave.

While the dog waits impatiently, the woman gets into the car and closes the door. At this time, we already feel that she really wants to leave the poor dog behind.

As if she was thinking of leaving at this very moment. But the woman seems to have changed her mind, and after a few seconds she opens the door and walks away from the car.

She then heads for the exit of the forest and her dog follows her impatiently. However, as soon as the woman and dog reach the door, she turns around and walks to her car. She runs fast and doesn’t even turn around when she is in a hurry to get in the car.

She then leaves, leaving her dog behind.

Fortunately, the owners of the security cameras noticed the woman’s hideous actions in their footage and contacted I Paw’d It Forward, a volunteer service that provides tracking services for lost and found animals in Clark County, Washington State and surrounding areas.

The service immediately intervened and took the dog away. They took the poor old toddler to an orphanage, sharing a video on their Facebook page, asking if anyone could identify the heartless woman. They wrote:

The woman thought the best way to get rid of the dog was to take him to Orchards Park in Vancouver, Washington tonight and leave her there to watch her ride in her Tesla with Oregon plates.

If you recognize this woman, Tesla or her dog, please contact us immediately. The dog is an old yellow laboratory.
If you know a woman who drives a Tesla with Oregon plates who likes to wear spandex pants and has a yellow lab, please contact us in part for any information.

A video showing the incident went viral instantly! Thank you to everyone who watched and shared the video, in less than 24 hours, justice is done. The page reported that the woman had been identified and cited for level 2 animal cruelty.

In addition to the video, they wrote an eye-opening article about abandoned dogs and how to properly give them to future owners.

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