The blind baby was shaking with hսnger and everyօne walked past her and didn’t help.


We can’t imagine how many people passed by this poor dog and didn’t pay attention to him. They could have saved her and no one did. A completely helpless and lonely little puppy was sitting on the road.

She was sick because she had lived her life without drinking, without food and very helpless. Someone found her in a terrible state as she tried to cross the street to eat something.

At three months, she suffered until a man came to her rescue. He saw this hungry baby in the middle of the road and his heart broke. The dog trembled while walking because he was very weak and emaciated. Every bone in his small body was visible.

The staggering puppy was sniffing the food and realized he now had hope. She can now have a full stomach. But she has a long way to go to recover. She needed a roof over her head for the rest of her life, proper veterinary care, and of course, endless love.

Fortunately, her rescuer immediately took her to the vet. She is now under medical supervision until her health and weight return to normal.

The vet thinks she is probably permanently blind.

We don’t know what will happen to this little girl – if her youth on the streets caused irreparable damage to her body – but we know for sure that she will never be alone again. Because his savior is now his new master!

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