The owner hated his dog and hit him with a shօvel, becaսse օf which he cսt his skull in half.


Sky was then a very happy dog, but misfortune turned his life into tragedy. Skye’s former owner hated him every time Skye begged him to play a little more.

One day, a man grew tired of Sky’s playfulness. He took a shovel and cut off the right side of the dog’s face to punish him.

When Victor Larkhill, the Greek rescuer, heard about Skye, he immediately took steps to save him.

The dog miraculously survived after a crushing blow, but his situation was disappointing. His right eye, ear, and cheekbone were gone, and his empty eye socket was filled with dirt and dead tissue.

Skye was completely broken when he realized that his owner had turned him into a half-dog face. For a while, even veterinarians considered putting him to sleep. But the rescuers didn’t want Sky to give up.

The only way to defeat the aggressor was to find a way to live in dignity again.

Sky’s jaw closed due to injuries, leaving him unable to eat or breathe. He has been given painkillers and intravenous medication, and his only hope is expensive maxillofacial reconstructive surgery.

This is an unprecedented operation, but veterinarians are ready to do their best as soon as they have enough funds. We hope Sky gets all the help she needs and finds a reason to smile again.

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