Animal shelter seeks loving home for this dog with severe tսmօr օn its last day


Joyanna is a dog who has had no luck in his life and ends up being affected by terminal cancer leaving him with very little time to live. The shelter that welcomed him, is working on the project of finding him a loving hօme, where they will take care of him until his last breath.

The poor creature’s cancer had evolved to the point of spreading to his lungs. The desire of the SPCA (Animal Rescue Center) in North Carolina, was to help him as best they could.

She was abandoned because of her illness, doomed to live in neglect and on the streets until her death. The volunteers did not want her to suffer such a fate.

A publication was made on social networks to explain the life of the dog, her condition and to inform that an adoption is possible under strict conditions to ensure that it is the right person for her.

We do not know how long she will live, but we still hope that she will have a peaceful and joyful end of life.

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