The dog kept crying and barking at the pregnant mother – she ended up saving his life.


When we read facts like this, we are convinced that dogs are endowed with unparalleled wisdom and sensitivity. Keola, an Akita, felt a problem that doctors were not able to detect in a pregnant woman.

This pregnant woman was none other than the wife of Ricky, Keola’s owner. Alhanna announced the good news to the family and everyone was thrilled to know that a baby was coming into the world.

Already months later, the animal showed strange behavior. In the woman’s presence, she barked and cried as if trying to tell her something important. Alhanna ignored him at first because her doctor told her that there was no problem with either the mother or the baby.

The mother began to feel back pain and Keola began to bark louder again. Ricky shared a photo of his wife and their dog and posted it on Facebook joking about Keola’s worried look.

Relatives and friends seeing the photo suggested taking the animal’s concern seriously. So, after deciding to consult again, the examinations showed a kidney infection that could have caused the death of the baby who was to be born.

She therefore had surgery and allowed little Lincoln to see the light of day thanks to Keola who detected in time a problem that went unnoticed.

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