This dog with broken legs lived alone in a ditch – until the arrival of this miracle


Lukasz Muniowski and his wife Natalia were cycling in the Polish countryside when they found a stray pet dog whose head was bulging from a ditch.

The other half of Muniowski saw the dog, but as soon as they stopped to inspect, the dog retreated inside the ditch.

The animal seemed to wave its paws in a really strange way, which made the couple stressed and more determined to help.

The place was closed on one side by a large rock, so while his partner looked from the opposite side, Muniowski dug to try to catch the animal.

«When I was finally able to move the rock and place my hand in it gradually… She felt it and then put her paws on my hand.» She became Bobby.

They took the dog to a nearby veterinarian, considering it appeared his legs were broken.

The vet was worried that Bobby might be enduring and that there wasn’t much he could do, so he recommended that they put her to bed.

The couple didn’t give up and when they got home, they took her to another vet, who was able to help her a little more, they had to cut off one of Bobby’s hind legs and put a splint on her so she could walk around.

Lukasz and his wife faced Bobby and although at first it made them depressing to see that she could not run as she would like, later, and also with a certain habit, Bobby learned to run and is currently happy, loved doggie, despite his difficult beginnings in life.

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