See a dangerous wild wolf writhing in pain. He risked his life to break free․


For an animal lover it doesn’t matter the species, size or condition when it comes to helping a creature in distress. Who truly feels respect and love for the lives of the other creatures on the planet demonstrates a compassion that goes beyond reasonable thought and this leads him to do truly amazing things.

So it has happened with an anonymous hero who has starred in a distressing and moving video that captivated everyone on the Internet.

In the images you can see the fight delivered by the subject in jeans and green sweater who tries at all costs to save the life of a wolf covered in a trap.

The subject knew that it was a wild and highly dangerous animal but at the same time he saw it there, totally defenseless and about to die that he could not help but intervene. The creature aroused so much compassion that the subject sprang into action, risking his own life to save the animal’s.

The Good Samaritan let himself be carried away by his emotions and intervened

No one would know how the battered wild creature might react. The man was not sure if his compassion would be enough to arouse gratitude in the animal or this, moved by the anger of the moment, would lash out at him once he released him.

The recording shows the pain that the wolf was going through while the subject tries to free him with a steel rod. The first maneuver does not work and the creature even tries to bite it when the subject approaches.

He uses his hands to free him.

The Good Samaritan knows to do something else and after spinning around the dying creature in the trap, he uses his own hand to free it. With one foot he keeps the wolf’s paw stepped on to control it in case of an attack, however, the maneuver is still really dangerous.

He knows that his life is also in danger and for that reason he runs as soon as he manages to free the animal. The subject was aware that, although injured, the wolf could run after him and attack him.

«I just want to help you.»

Footage of this stunning rescue was shared by an Indian Forest Service official on Twitter.

«You haven’t lived your day until you’ve done something for someone who can never pay you… This man risked his own life to save the wolf. He left his phone to record in case something happened to him and did what he could to save this wolf,» official Susanta Nanda wrote.

The creature looked at him as he fled as if he wanted to thank him.

This maneuver should not be attempted by anyone. The subject acted from his compassion and fortunately the matter had an excellent result. The released wolf only raises his head and looks in the direction of the man who fled the scene.

Apparently, the subject returned shortly after to the place to retrieve his cell phone that he continued recording. This hero would have started the camera aware of the danger he was running and, if he did not leave the matter unscathed, his family could know what had happened.

A gesture of humanity and heroism that must be recognized, share the story of this incredible rescue and help us identify the subject of the video.

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