She approaches a puppy that was shivering from the cold in the street and was being recorded


She approaches a puppy that was shivering from the cold in the street and was being recorded

A poor homeless puppy was shivering from the cold in the street. Accustomed to the indifferent gaze of all those who passed by him, he did not imagine what a woman who approached him would suddenly do to him.

The stray man had long suffered the consequences of living in the open, being a puppy completely helpless and exposed to all dangers.

Many times we are not aware of the power of a word, a look, a response…

A simple gesture can become a model of praise for millions of people, even more so when we do it in a genuine and selfless way.

Duygu Elma, a young woman from Zonguldak, Turkey, did not think that her name would go around the world, becoming the target of the most emotional praise, coming from people from many latitudes.

Duygu Elma Turkey

It all happened on a cold and rainy afternoon, when Duygu came out of a store and saw a stray dog lying on the wet ground at the doors of the establishment.

The stray puppy did not stop shivering from the cold curled up in the rain
Duygu Elma Turkey
In an instinctive gesture, the young woman did not hesitate to open her umbrella, and although she was more than willing to leave, she took a few seconds to observe the animal on the ground.

The scene marked her so much that she detached her own scarf to make a blanket with it, and cover the poor puppy.

Feeling the scarf, the dog raised his head a little, as if he did not believe at all that someone was kind to him.

She sheltered him with much love, and the people who were around at that time, could not help but notice the noble gesture of the young woman, noticing the dog on the floor, covered with the checkered scarf that minutes before Duygu wore to protect herself from the cold.

The act of solidarity moved not only those present, but thousands of people in the networks who have expressed their admiration for the woman who was sensitized to the dramatic situation of the puppy.

«Humanity is not dead,» announced a media outlet next to the video of the emotional moment:

Initially, Duygu thought that her good deed would be a nice anonymous gesture that no one would notice, especially since she did it without the slightest intention of getting the attention of others, but she was very wrong.

The scene of his gesture removing his scarf to shelter the dog, was captured by the external security camera of the premises.

Those in charge of reviewing the recordings were so moved that they decided to share the noble gesture on social networks, without imagining that in seconds it would become a viral phenomenon.

Duygu Elma Turkey
No one knew who was behind this action, until surprisingly a person recognized the young woman in the video, mentioning that she was her friend. That’s how they finally managed to identify her.

Today Duygu herself cannot believe that the video has caused such a stir and that thousands of people have contacted her to thank her for her good heart.

«The weather was very cold. I just couldn’t stand it when I saw him shaking,» this kind-hearted soul emphasized.

She says she only did what her heart told her was right at the time.

confesses that she was concerned about the dog’s well-being, and giving him a little warmth with her own scarf was the only thing she could do for him at that moment, so: why refuse this simple gesture?

Duygu is happy to know that his gesture has inspired others to become sensitive to the pain of animals suffering on the street. He hopes that everyone will be able to make a difference and do their bit in favor of these vulnerable beings.

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