A dog that was chained outside for 4 years is now very popular


The hero lived in terrible conditions for a long time due to his insensitive family, but the rescue organization decided to do something about it and his life changed forever. Now his appearance is completely different, and he hopes to find a permanent home.

This helpless cub was found earlier this year chained in an alley on a farm in central Georgia, with no food, no bed and no protection from climate change. He stayed in those conditions for 4 years.

His appearance was poor, he weighed about 11 kilograms, while a pit bull would normally weigh 20-30 kilograms, plus he had wounds on his neck from the chains.

The story came to light thanks to the Cordele Animal Shelter, who shared it on social media along with some devastating photos after receiving an anonymous report.

The helpless animal urgently needed a new home that would bring him the love he had been deprived of for so long.

The reaction of people who need to know the story of the dog was very positive, they shared it massively and the organization Go Dogs Go Rescue Inc did not hesitate to go to the place as soon as possible to save him. They were ready to change the course of their lives.

Fortunately, the dog, formerly named «Cocaine,» quickly found a foster home, where he is making progress in his recovery.

In addition, he is now called «Hero» in honor of his courage and strength. The changes he has achieved thanks to the love of his rescuers are quite noticeable.

He tested positive for heartworms, a disease caused by a parasite in the arteries and heart. This was quite worrying, but an update from the rescue organization revealed that he is now fully recovered after receiving treatment.

After being chained for so long, he is finally able to sleep in a comfortable bed, and the feeding he receives has helped him gain weight.

The foster mother published an update.

«He is great. I gave him a little food and put the bed in his bed. He entered alone and calmed down. It has a night light and a radio.»

Current photos of the hero show the progress he has made. The sad and chained dog has shown that he possesses an indomitable personality.

One of his rescuers said on Facebook.

«He is very gentle, loving and obedient. The hero just wants to be friends with the rest of the pets all day.»

His former and indifferent family did not know how to appreciate him, they were convicted and it is expected that justice will be done soon.

It is also wanted that Hero’s story is able to touch everyone’s hearts and stop tolerating this kind of cruelty so that animals can be a part of the home they truly deserve.

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