Elephant enjoys his first bath after being saved from a circus


His life changed in the blink of an eye.
This little giant is called Chaba, and he lives inside an elephant camp in Chiang Mai, Thailand. BunMa, is his mother, unfortunately for a long time it was used by some people who wanted to make money with the tricks made of it to entertain tourists.

It’s hard to imagine that such a large animal could ride a bike, but that was what he had to do, among other things. Little Chaba would have to learn the same tricks, for when his mother was gone, but his fate took an unexpected and positive turn for him and his mother.

They were saved by the Save Elephant Foundation: “We decided it was safer for them to walk to our sanctuary.

After two hours of walking, they arrived at ENP and were greeted with an elephant cake,” Ry said. Once there they prepared a tub according to its size, but for what?

In the tub, he put his front legs, he couldn’t fit in the excitement, to everyone’s surprise, Chaba had never bathed. One team member recounts:

«When our team heard about the plight of Chaba and his mother, BunMa, we went to the camp to see how we could help them.»

A life of negative treatment no longer awaited Chaba, Ry says: “We found the mother and baby in a small concrete pen, without any kind of enrichment, and the mother with a chain.

Immediately, it was clear that they were both in poor health and needed help.»

«When our team heard about the plight of Chaba and his mother, BunMa, we went to the camp to see how we could help them.» After a while, the foundation assured:

“He loves to play with the water and splash around. Mom walks away while she plays and has a moment to relax. She is gaining confidence and she is learning a lot ».

«Chaba is a real water baby! He loved to splash around in the water and then run back to Mom to reassure her. Now, he loves to play in the pool with her ball while his mother enjoys delicious fruits », according to the project coordinator.

They cannot be happier and better cared for than at the foundation. Unfortunately, this pair isn’t the only one finding themselves in a similar situation to theirs;

however, the goal of the sanctuary is to minimize the number of elephants that for whatever reason are being harmed by humans who use them to make money.

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