The widowed wolf did not abandon the five wolf pups


Now we are going to tell you an exciting and kind story about the «feat» of a widowed wolf.

The story takes place in one of the largest private zoos in the world. The fact is that the wolf managed to overcome the electric fence in an unknown way and began to run.

Staff tried to catch her, but the animal headed toward a busy street in the park, where many visitors passed. Therefore, she had to be put to sleep. Police are investigating how Amber, the 3-year-old wolf, was able to escape and how justified euthanizing her was.

At the time, her 5 wolf pups, aged 11 weeks, remained in the park. The «husband» of the deceased wolf, the wolf Ash, took care of them. The puppies are used to the new «head of the family», they behave calmly and obediently.

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