Woman stops her car to pick up a homeless dog that needed help


The dog needed a helping hand.
She was completely unaware that a camera was following her every move. The truth is that on the banks of the road she was traveling, in San Miguel, Peru, there was a dog in a street situation, so she did not hesitate to stop the march immediately.

The dog only had a cardboard where he lay lying down. She couldn’t ignore his complaints asking for a helping hand, he was without food or drink, so if she didn’t stop to help him, most likely the days of his existence would be numbered.

She was driving down an avenue with traffic, despite this, she was able to realize the presence of the canine in need. The first thing she did when she got out of the car was to make room in the back seat so that the dog could get in without problems.

Since the puppy was on the opposite side of the road, he had to cross the street to get closer. Her fearful face was what impressed him the most, but it also seemed like she was waiting for someone with a good heart to direct her attention to where he was.

There will always be a question whose answer is still missing. What kind of feelings can someone have who is capable of exposing a creature to so much eventuality by leaving it at the expense of what may happen to it on the street?

The protagonist of this story approached gently, until the dog felt safe, then she went to see what state she was in, she put her hand on the dog’s head and it stayed calm and confident.

From that moment the dog knew that he was in good hands, so he did not put up the slightest resistance when the woman in the video took him in her arms and took him to her car.

This story was captured in a video, without the noble woman knowing it, for the lesson of all who could know this story. And, although the end of this story is unknown, the most certain thing is that that day changed the life of this animal forever.

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