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A petulant and spoiled puppy is generating numerous reactions on the internet for his well-defined tastes. It turns out that, just like a human, this furry has his tastes very well defined and does not accept that anyone else puts a finger in his fur, unless it is his trusted hairdresser.

Whim or not, this puppy has a particular character.Doggy
The dog’s name is Léo, a shitzhu who has been attending the same dog grooming establishment for two years to take a bath. The place in question is Chic Cheiroso, located in the city of Porto Feliz, in the interior of São Paulo (Brazil), and whose owner usually serves his most loyal customers.

Among this group of select clients is the puppy that does not allow anyone else to get close to his mane… And it is not just a matter of his owner, but it seems that the dog feels better cared for by Claudinei.

One of those days when the hairdresser was overcrowded, the man couldn’t take care of Léo and the puppy’s reaction went viral.

In the recording you can see the furry furious when he sees that the person who is going to give him the service is not the usual hairdresser. Léo is a somewhat difficult boy and he doesn’t trust everyone, because he has a somewhat painful past.

It turns out that before being a regular customer of the place, the puppy was adopted by a family that rescued him from the street. Although Léo got along very well with them, he turned out to be a somewhat distrustful dog and not very friendly.

However, Claudinei knew how to earn his trust from the first day he came to the hairdresser for a cut.

That episode of the dog’s fury that has entertained netizens so much was captured by Thayana Oliveira, a local worker who was surprised by the dog’s reaction since she had never seen him so angry before.

She herself was the one who later posted the recording on TikTok, and thousands of people have already seen it. After the puppy party, Claudinei had to set aside space to serve him, because it seems that he was not willing to let anyone else play.

Although the matter might seem particular, the young woman herself confessed that Léo is not the only fussy client with defined tastes.

Many of the puppies have already established trusting bonds with their groomers and have one in particular with whom they feel most comfortable. That is why the employees try to give them the best service, according to tastes.

However, no one expected Léo to make such a peculiar ruckus.

The funniest thing about the video is seeing the instant change in attitude that the puppy suffers when he sees Claudinei.

After making a fuss and being defensive with the two girls who tried to clean him up, Léo shows himself to be a real lamb and melts under the pampering of the hairdresser.

Look how cute!

The dog kisses him on the nose and seconds later he’s upside down, enjoying the man’s attentions.

Meanwhile, the other workers record laughing at Léo’s excessive love for his favorite hairdresser.

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Although on many occasions this profession is distorted or undervalued, the truth is that you must have patience and a lot of empathy to be a dog groomer and even more so if you have a pampered puppy like this shitzhu as a client.

Congratulations to all the workers of the place who with effort and dedication are in charge of serving each canine in the best way.

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