Men save a wolf, which they mistake for a dog, from drowning in icy water


Saving an animal from frozen water is dangerous, especially when the animal is wild.

A barrage crew in Estonia spotted an animal trying to stay afloat in the nearly frozen Pirnu River.

People went to the river to help him. Ice covered most of the river and had to be cut first. When the men approached the animal, they thought it was a dog.

In the end, they were able to pass and reach them. They threw the frozen animal on the ground and wrapped it in a blanket, then put it in their car and went to the local clinic.

On the way to the clinic, the men noticed how gentle the dog was, and he even got on his knees with one of the men. They thought the dog was thanking them for their help.

The men were shocked when the veteran told them that they had actually saved the wolf. The veterinarian noticed that the animal’s blood pressure was extremely low, and that is why the wolf was so docile.

A local hunter confirmed it was a wolf. It turned out that the wolf was a young male of about a year. He was tired and hypothermic when he arrived at the clinic and needed treatment.

For everyone’s safety, the wolf was bathed and continued to be cared for. The wolf made a full recovery and was released into the wild with a noose.

The Estonian Society for the Protection of Animals paid for the treatment of the wolf and said that everything went well. EUPA also thanked the rescuers and doctors at the clinic who were not afraid to take care of him and feed him, he was a wild animal.

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