Puppy jumps with emotion when reunited with his family who lost him months ago


Cow, is a beautiful dog, whose name honors its peculiar color. This past January, he was dropped off outside the Louisiana SPCA animal sanctuary. Fortunately, there would be no better place to leave an animal than where it would be cared for until a home was found for it.

When they saw him he was very scared. They helped him and took him inside the place, but he was reluctant to contact people, a typical behavior of dogs when they feel lost, it is evident that it belonged to someone.

One of the workers at the site expressed: “I was very afraid. When they gave him treats and people talked to him like a baby, he would stop. Since they found him tied to our fence, his reaction is common ».

In a short time, Cow was already adapted to the place for homeless animals and to his temporary caretakers.

He won everyone’s feelings, so they were eager to find him a good place to live. What they did not expect was that the home they found would be known by the dog.

At that moment they understood why Cow initially refused to interact with others. He had a family that he loved who had been looking for him non-stop for several months. According to close sources, Cow was taken by friends of aliens, but he managed to get rid of them.

News of him, and of the place where he was, reached the ears of Cow’s family, so they wasted no time in going in search of him. Very excited, they did everything in their power to schedule the reunion.

For his part, Cow already had a life in the shelter, he allowed himself to be loved, because he was very sweet and friendly.

Of course, perhaps he had already lost all hope of seeing his family again, but when he saw his mother again he remembered how happy she was with him, he recovered the joy he enjoyed when he I was with his family.

A spokesperson for the venue recounted: «Cow was so excited to see his family. He was jumping off the walls and wagging his tail like we had never seen him before! He was noted by his reaction when he had reunited with his family!».

Although several months passed before he was reunited with his family, when they saw each other again, Cow reacted as if they had never been apart.

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