Puppy with a special face finds a home where he is accepted as he is


Woody is a dog that has shown great adaptability. When he was still a puppy, he had a health problem that caused the condition that accompanies his face today. Of course, this did not make it impossible for him to develop like a normal dog.

His crooked face makes him unique, but his personality even more so, some even say that he is a very funny dog. Woody has proven to be very sweet and affectionate, they even thought he was a puppy, because of how restless and playful he is.

His former owners were not in the least interested in his well-being. They decided to move and leave him alone to fend for himself. If not for the call the workers of the SNARR organization received, Woody was in for a rather unfortunate fate.

When the rescue group arrived at the place where Woody was, he was found tied up. The good thing is that he was not without food, because someone was in charge of getting him some food and water, until he finally decided to call the SNARR.

The family that initially had Woody did not work to meet his physical needs, it was evident that they did not even take him to the vet. Courtney, one of the volunteers, assured that Woody was a bit restless, even when he tried to play.

Although for Courtney Bellew, a SNARR worker, these situations are nothing new, she says that Woody’s case touched her personally. For this reason, she later wanted to share how the rescue work had been in this case.

This woman fell in love with the adorable pitbull from day one, she says: «You just look at him and you can’t help but love that face.»

Woody has no problem smiling and loving, and while his face doesn’t look like the other dogs, it doesn’t do justice to his lovable personality.

Courtney, was pleased with Woody’s progress in a short time: “With only five days in care, he has calmed down a lot and is doing very well because he is getting everything he needs. He’s a sweet guy and he’s so happy to be able to run and be in a house and everything else.»

Today, he has a home and a mother who loves and cares for him tenderly. During his first week at home, Woody also stated that he is a good caregiver, because when Jamie Bond, his new owner, had a mishap with his health, he never left his side until it recovered. completely.

Jamie tells of this experience with Woody: “He knew something wasn’t right and he never left my side. He snuggled with me on the couch all afternoon. Now he is my shadow, he always follows me wherever he goes, making sure he is safe and sound.»

Woody has been a clear example that with a lot of love and dedication he can achieve more than with mistreatment and abandonment. It has turned out to be more than a pet, but is willing to make everyone happy and ensure that they are well protected by it.

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