Pilot gives up winning the race to save the puppy that appeared in the middle of the road


After months of preparation, a rally driver decided to give up his victory to stop to save the life of a little dog that came out of nowhere in the middle of the track.

Carlos Matos was ready to take victory for the fourth time in the Constálica Rallye Vouzela held in Portugal, but his humanity got in the way and although he lost the cup he earned the title of hero.

The gesture of this pilot gave a lot to talk about and caused a stir among his followers. Pilot
Matos is a three-time champion and could have broken a record by winning the competition for the fourth time, but

an unexpected event kept him from winning. In the second pass of the penultimate special test, a puppy appeared in the middle of the road and the pilot had no choice but to swerve to avoid colliding with the furry dog.

Matos improvised a maneuver that left him spinning in circles in the middle of the road, but it had all been worth it because with this feat the furry man was able to escape without receiving any type of injury.

No one knows where the dog came from but fortunately this man was able to see it in time.

At the time of the incident, the pilot noticed the animal and did not hesitate to make that unexpected turn. Although this cost Matos the first place he had in front of his opponents.

The two-day rally had a great impact on the driver’s life. On the one hand, he had to say goodbye to the record that he was about to break, but on the other, he managed to save the defenseless creature and Matos was left with the satisfaction of having done the right thing.

This furry survived, thanks to the man’s decision.

Although the pilot managed to return to the race, once the puppy left the track, the time he had invested in the maneuver gave him an advantage over the other competitors. At the time none of them understood the reason for that lap, so they just kept concentrating on the competition.

«If he happened again, he would do exactly the same thing again,» Carlos Matos commented after being questioned by the local media about his decision.

I wish many unscrupulous drivers would act like him when they see a puppy in the middle of the road.
The event that was being televised will serve as a record of that epic day when the pilot put aside his dreams to help a defenseless being.

And that recording in which the Ford Fiesta R5 is seen spinning like a top on the track is now going around the world, so here we present it to you.

With that decision, Mato lost the race, but he earned the recognition and admiration of both his followers and thousands of people around the world. It is for this reason that the comments in favor of the pilot have not been long in coming.

“There are little things that are bigger than anything. A noble attitude is worth a lot and defines the character of a true champion,» wrote one of the fans on social media.

The furry that got in the way should never have been in that place and it is a mistake that could have cost him his life. It is almost a miracle that, despite the fact that the furry was not large, the pilot managed to see the animal and act as fast as the speed of his vehicle.

Without a doubt, this pilot has nerves of steel and an eagle’s eye, in addition to the big heart that defines him today. Matos won us over with his maneuver and today we have nothing left but to say: «Thank you!»

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