Arctic fishermen found a severed seal on an ice floe, but when they got closer, they realized it wasn’t a seal.


Fishermen on a fishing boat accidentally came across a mushroom-shaped ice floe with an animal on it. Initially, the crew members mistook the traveler for a seal, since they are most often found on drifting ice floes. However, when they got closer, they saw that the animal on board was not a water bird at all.

Somehow the arctic fox, quite a rare animal, was on the ice. He was immediately placed in the warmth of the ship, given something to drink, and a cozy bed to sleep on.

The fox was probably searching for prey and went too far. And then the ice floe moved away from the mainland and headed into the open sea. This is a very dangerous situation for such an animal. If people had not come to the rescue, the fox could have left.

The fox turned out to be very kind. He is not even particularly afraid of people or the place where he is. He is warm, well-fed and calm, people feed him. He even poses for the camera!

The fox was fed sausages and chops, and then released onto dry land. In fact, the actions of the crew saved his life. If she had not been received by humans, her fate would not have been enviable: she would not have survived in cold water.

The polar fox is already an adult and there is no point in leaving it with humans. It is not suitable for humans, it will be stressed and in general it can be dangerous.

If the fishermen come across a small fox, cut into the ice, then this animal can become a member of the team. But this animal was released on the shore and deservedly so.

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