They rescue a poor puppy who was wandering the street with «weird legs», without hope


Life for an abandoned puppy can change with a simple gesture of love, it is well known that the life of many strays is full of misfortunes.

Some wander from one place to another begging for a gesture of love and surviving with the little they find on the streets, others must overcome a difficult situation as they are victims of unfair treatment by unscrupulous beings.

This is the story of a puppy that spent a large part of his life walking in a strange way, his front legs were deformed, causing him great pain when walking, his situation was quite delicate.

Luckily, some angels crossed his path and decided to help him.

Puppy with deformed legs gets a new opportunity

Although his rescuers did not understand how he managed to survive for so long on the streets in that condition, his fate would change. It would not be an easy process, but they were willing to do everything possible to improve his quality of life.

The puppy was transferred to a veterinary clinic, they did all the pertinent tests and they discovered the reason that caused his legs to twist in such a way.

Through an X-ray they confirmed that they had cut off his tail when he was just a puppy, causing an injury that prevented his legs from growing straight, this prevented him from walking like a normal puppy.

Unfortunately, there are many people who decide to cut the tail of their puppies for aesthetic reasons, ignoring the consequences that these actions can have.

This amputation causes functional losses and affects the communicative sense that is so important to them. They can communicate with their tail, they hide it between their legs when they are afraid, they raise it up if they are on guard and they move it energetically to show their joy and happiness.

Also, this part of your body is made up of bones called caudal vertebrae that have other associated tissues. Through the tail and their ears they transmit important information.

The puppy was named Luck.

This practice causes great damage to the animal, in the case of Luck, it caused a malformation in its legs, it is possible that the person responsible did it in an ordinary way and without following surgical procedures.

His rescuers estimated that the puppy would require surgery, plus treatment that would take months.

Due to his condition, he would spend a long time in the clinic, if he was operated on the medical bills would be high but nothing would stop his rescuers, his mission was for the puppy to be able to run and lead a normal life.

Faced with this situation, the doctors offered two options, surgery for both legs, the other option was physiotherapy.

The veterinary clinic contacted the best in canine bones, the specialist suggested putting him in a cast instead of surgery, but it was not a common cast, they were a kind of prosthesis that would help him improve by up to 60%.

After a while, the puppy was anesthetized and they fixed his bones in the correct position, put another cast on him and continued his recovery.

It was quite painful but Luck proved to be very brave. He, more than anyone else, was interested in having a normal life and would do everything to achieve it.

This puppy’s treatment is quite long, but fortunately, he has the support of wonderful people who are part of his process, of this new life that is beginning and we trust will be much better.

Infinite thanks to all those people who love furry ones intensely and do not rest until they see them completely happy and in loving homes.

Please, don’t cut your furry’s tail, much less for aesthetic reasons. Let’s love every part of their body and give them all the love they deserve. After all, they only come into our life to love and be loved.

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