Little furry legs discovered under a cave on a remote island, she spent months begging to be saved


A day that seemed normal for some surfers, turned into the perfect occasion to become heroes, when they discovered some furry paws under a cave, on a remote island.

Matty Johnson and Zach Regan never imagined that they would have their entrance to heaven assured and they would earn thousands of ovations with their act. All this, after they decided to stop the fun to rescue a poor little dog lost on an island.

One of the surfers approached as soon as he discovered some legs, clearly the creature was begging for help

little legs
The pair of young people were chasing waves on a path near Juan de Fuca, located on an island in Vancouver-British Columbia (Canada), when they noticed the presence of a creature that seemed to come out of a cave on that lonely island.

“Just glancing at the caves as we went by, I saw some tan legs stick out, just a glimpse, and I thought, ‘Oh, that looks like an animal,’” Zach Regan stated.

Indeed, it was this beautiful furry girl who prayed for help

Curiosity did not let them continue, the surfers came to find out if perhaps it was someone in trouble and in a certain way, that’s what it was about.

A little dog was abandoned on that piece of land, where she would hardly find anything to eat.

This little friend was alone for months.
The boys approached and took a look around the area to make sure there was no one around, perhaps the creature’s owner, but to no avail.

“My friend rowed with one arm, I went in with the boat and grabbed the dog before she collapsed, she was very weak,” commented one of the surfers.


The young man held the dog and swam to where his friend was.
The poor creature was shivering from the cold and the boys wrapped her in a vest to try to warm her up, they had definitely earned her trust. The friends decided to take her home with them, since it would be difficult for anyone to find her in that area of the trail.

“The area in which she was found was in one of the most difficult parts of the Juan de Fuca Trail. That little dog would have died there, we saved her,» they commented.

The fate for the furry girl would have been fatal if it hadn’t been for the miraculous arrival of these heroes

The boys contacted ROAM Animal Rescue, an association that brings pets together with their owners so that they could share the story of the dog that they themselves decided to call Shaggy Maggy.

After the case hit national television, foundation representative Leslie Steeves received a call. It turns out that Shaggy did have an owner and her real name was Stella.

A couple had lost it 3 months earlier on the island, while celebrating her honeymoon with the pet.

Stella with her true owners who she missed so much

The organization coordinated the reunion and only until that moment were they able to make sure that everything they had said on the phone was true, since Stella’s reaction when she saw them cleared up all doubts.

“She was happy as soon as she saw them. I’m just trying to figure out how she survived for so long. I guess it’s a story only she can tell,» said Zach Regan.

This dog survived by a miracle, her destiny is definitely at the side of that couple who, despite the months that have passed, have not lost hope of hugging her again.

The generous hearts of Matty Johnson and Zach Regan also played a part in this happy ending, and though it was unlikely, Stella has come home!

Let’s hope that from now on Stella never has to go through the anguish of losing sight of her family. This dog is more than lucky and if there are guardian angels for dogs, she must have the best.

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