The stray dog could no longer breathe, but the unexpected happened🐕.


Stray dogs are exposed to a myriad of hazards and complex diseases. Well, they cannot satisfy their basic needs and because of this they gradually deteriorate.

Worst of all, they suffer a lot every day. This is because they do not have a caregiver to care for them and help them feel at least a little bit of relief.

However, many are fortunate to run into big-hearted human beings who are interested in serving them. Because of it, they can save your life.

This is what happened with a stray dog who was on the verge of death. In this article we share each of the details of this story that has a beautiful happy ending.

The salvation of a dog that was dying
A dog was in the streets dying. Therefore, a group of witnesses contacted the Animal Aid Unlimited Foundation of India, so that they could intervene and save her life.

Consequently, the officials immediately went to the place where the dog was located. In addition, they picked her up and took her to the foundation’s veterinarian.

This is how they performed a large number of tests on her and determined that she had severe dehydration caused by diarrhea. Because of this, she was given various intravenous fluids that could help her get better.

After the treatment, the dog was in a coma, but the specialists had faith that the medicines applied could give good results. For that reason, they monitored her for 24 hours.

Watch the video of the rescue:

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