An abused dog left to die in a garbage bag undergoes an incredible transformation


A German Shepherd puppy has been given a new lease on life after being rescued near death from being thrown into a ditch in a garbage bag.

According to a Facebook post from Animalluvr’s Dream Rescue, 9-month-old Cora was spotted by a «good Samaritan» before her former owner had a chance to throw her into a ditch.

Cora had been stuffed into a garbage bag and she was about to fall into the ditch to her death when the kindhearted passerby begged the man to give them the dog. The man initially threatened the Good Samaritan with a gun, but eventually relented and allowed them to take little Cora.

The passerby rushed the emaciated dog to the Tampa, Florida Veterinary Emergency Group, where he was able to revive her.

The message described Cora’s desperate situation, saying: “She was in absolutely terrible condition and knocking on death’s door from the horrific abandonment she has gone through.

Covered from head to tail with urine and feces, too weak to lift head, body temperature, blood sugar and blood pressure too low to register, skin and bones, no fat or muscle on it and the only sign that she was still alive was her blinking, shallow breathing, and the pounding of her heart.”

After receiving care in the ICU, including a blood transfusion, intravenous fluids and antibiotics, she slowly began to show signs of recovery. Finally, she was able to raise her head and even wag her tail.

Once stabilized, the dog was transferred to the care of Animalluvr’s Dream Rescue. They continued to share updates on her Facebook status, noting that in just two weeks she went from barely able to stand or eat to «so much better.»

Cora is living in a foster home while she does physical therapy to regain her strength and learn basic skills, like going to the bathroom. It is true that she has had a rough childhood, but she has made it clear that she has a fighting spirit.

Cora will be available for adoption when her vet and rescue staff consider her ready. She still has a long way to go, but she is making great progress and her future looks bright.

It’s amazing what a difference one person can make if they speak up and do the right thing, like the Good Samaritan did with Cora.

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