Mօrgan Freeman turns his 50-acre raոch into a giaոt bee sanctuary


Actor, filmmaker, and philanthropist Morgan Freeman has a new title: beekeeper. Freeman, 81, decided to turn his 50-hectare ranch in Mississippi into a bee sanctuary. In an interview with Jimmy Fallon, he said that he wants to save the bees to maintain a healthy environment.

In an interview, Freeman spoke about his motivation:

«Efforts are now being made to bring bees back to the planet… We don’t think about the fact that bees are the basis of growth for all of nature.»

Freeman brought 26 hives from Arkansas to his ranch in Mississippi. He feeds them sugar and water, and he also planted honey plants – magnolia, lavender, clover and others.

Freeman says he doesn’t wear a net and protective suit, but the bees do. don’t chop it. He just raises them, with no plans to collect honey and open the hives.

A study published in the journal Science links the decline in the bee population to parasites, pesticides and habitat destruction. And while bees are not yet threatened with extinction, a decline in their numbers will have a negative effect on wild and cultivated plants around the world.

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