Why a cat is useful in the house: facts and signs.


A cat in the house is always good. In ancient times, this animal was not just a mascot or a good luck talisman: in some cultures, it was a deity.

The experts on the benefits that cats bring to their owners.

They say that a cat is a great talisman for happiness, but not only its gender and color are important. Experts note that it is very important to correctly name the cat so that it brings happiness to the house. So it is better to think about it carefully.

Facts about the benefits of cats
Cats are great at relieving stress and helping you be happier. Simple statistical studies have shown that people who own cats become much happier and happier with their lives.

Cats treat depression. According to surveys, about 70% of people, after interacting with cats, notice an improvement in mood and a decrease in depressive thoughts.

Deep sleep . Cats provide it to everyone who has one. Surveys show that about half of people feel much safer when their pet sleeps next to them.

feline energy
Cats scare away evil spirits. Black pets do the best with this. In the house where the cat lives, you are unlikely to wake up from incomprehensible knocks and creaks. Spirits don’t like pets because they see and feel them.

Cats bring good luck. Its energy has a beneficial effect on the luck of all household members. Tricolor cats are especially strong in this regard.

The cat regulates the energy of the house so that there was more harmony. Where there is a cat, it always becomes calmer and emotionally warmer.

The cat feels energetic vibrations and can understand the mood of a person by his biofield. That is why cats often come to us when we cry, when we feel bad and hurt.

Cat Related Signs
Seeing a cat in a dream is good. Expect good luck in business and an epiphany in the spiritual realm.

In Europe, one sign is common: if a cat sneezes once, it will rain, and if it sneezes more than three times, this is the disease of one of the household members.

If the cat is attracted to the guest, it is a very good sign for both the cat and the owner of the house. This means that this person is good, and soon he will have very favorable changes in his life.

If guests come to the That time when the cat is washing, you should be careful with your words and actions. You can offend the guest without realizing it.

If the cat sleeps, curled up in a ball, this is a cold snap. If he hides his muzzle – to rain.

These are not all signs associated with these pets. Get acquainted with cat money signs so that you always have money in your wallet and luck follows you.

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