The rescued dօg still kisses his adօptive mօther every day when he cօmes home


Kylo struggled to find a permanent home, but someone decided to give him a chance and since then this dog has not stopped showing his love and gratitude, every time his adoptive mother comes home, she lies on his lap waiting to be hugged.

Kylo Ren is a very affectionate dog, he arrived at the West Memphis animal shelter at the age of 10 months and later, the organization ALIVE Rescue Memphis intervened to find a family.

Kylo has been in foster care for a long time and no one seemed interested in adopting him permanently, until one day someone made a difference and gave him an opportunity, since then, this dog kisses his adoptive mother every day when he comes home.

Meghan Sweers, Kylo’s adoptive mother, told The Dodo:

We saw his picture on Facebook and went looking for him. I think he was always supposed to be with us, he just had to wait a while for us to find him.

A dog kisses his adoptive mother every time he comes home

Kylo Sweers and Nellie This woman and her husband already had another dog named Nellie
, so they first tried to socialize him with Kylo at night to make sure the coexistence was good. A volunteer from the animal rescue organization brought Kylo to Sweers’ house.

Kylo Sweers and Nellie
Meghan said:

As soon as they left, he crawled on my lap, put his head under my chin and started snoring like a chainsaw. From that moment on, my husband and I knew he was with us.

Kylo and Sweers
This dog had no problem adapting, he was completely happy and in love with his new home, even though he had some quirks as he hates hardwood floors, his family loves him very much and they are ready to put him at ease at any time, which is why they decided to cover the whole house with carpets.

Kylo jumps from carpet to carpet
He said:

Navigate the house by jumping from carpet to carpet.

Sweers and Kylo were supposed to be together
He is very grateful and likes to feel loved, so every time his adoptive mother comes home from work, he greets her with warm hugs. He always watches the front door for half an hour before his favorite person arrives.

Sweers and Kylo were supposed to be together As soon as I sit down to take off my shoes, he climbs on my lap to get caught. If I don’t sit down for our cuddle moment, he follows me with the saddest look on his face until I give in and give him a hug.

This dog kisses his adoptive mother every day If Kylo could, he would spend all day
in the arms of his adoptive mother, he just wants to give and receive so much love, his sweetness is able to change the absurd idea that dogs like him are aggressive.

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