A 10 day old kitten clings tօ hands and pսrrs happily


This adorable 10-day-old kitten is happy to get help to get by and won’t stop purring happily.

An adorable 10-day-old kitten named Clove has arrived in the care of Baby Kitten Rescue in Los Angeles, California.

She was found abandoned with no mother nearby to protect her, and in very poor health.

Her rescuers immediately began an intensive care protocol to help her recover.

The little feline was covered in fleas all over his tiny body, had a scab under his armpits and was battling a terrible infection,

but his grit and his strength were admirable.

Un chaton de 10 jours s’accroche aux mains secourables

Caroline Grace, founder of Baby Kitten Rescue, told Love Meow:

They found her alone on a Thursday night. The researchers waited for the mother cat, but sadly she never came back.

Clove was severely dehydrated and cried in pain all the time due to his stomach problems.

Clove was a very strong girl and eager to go on, thanks to the care of Caroline and the volunteers of the rescue center,

she became stronger than her, as well as receiving antibiotics, fluid therapy and supplements to recover and heal her intestines .

chaton de 10 days

Caroline says:

Within hours I realized she was starting to feel better. She was still trying to figure out her latch, but she ate well with every feed.

The adorable kitten quickly regained all of her energy and enjoyed clinging to the arm of her favorite human as she purred happily, despite her small size her will to live was evident.

Ana, one of the shelter volunteers, took care of Clove and brought her home to continue her medical treatment and her meal plan.

Within a week, Clove was holding on, eating like a champ, and transforming into the goofy, brave, loving girl that she is.

Ana works at a veterinary clinic and has brought the kitten to her side to monitor her medical treatment.

Thanks to his dedication and consistency with her medications, Clove made a full recovery and her bubbly personality started to shine through.

chaton aux yeux bleus
She was so loved and adored (by everyone she met), and it was obvious how secure and happy she felt.

Ana continued to bottle feed her until she Clove discovered dry food and she decided she loved it.

Now the 10-week-old kitten is a strong and inquisitive feline who is ready to start a happy new chapter in his life.

beau chaton plushux

Caroline happily says:

We found her the perfect home. When her new mom first met her, it was real, instant love — they had an instant connection.

Now Clove has been spayed and soon she will be able to start her new life with her forever loving family.

She is a happy kitty and she loves to purr happily when her humans are near her.

Images: Instagram / babykittenrescue

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