A cօսple came to the shelter to get a cat, but she didn’t want to leave her friend


Like humans, animals are capable of sincere feelings for each other.

Sometimes a close friendship develops between animals that cannot be broken without hurting them.

Such a close bond developed between the two little kittens who met at the shelter.

Little Luna and little Louie had arrived at the same hideaway in Florida; they had lived together for several months and had become good friends.

As the kittens grew up, they began looking for loving families for them. A couple soon responded to an ad from the shelter.

Jack and his girlfriend wanted a kitten and when they saw Luna’s photo, they knew exactly what they were looking for.

A few days later, the couple arrived at the shelter to meet Luna and do the necessary paperwork.

Shelter staff were delighted with their new kitten, but were concerned about how Louis would survive being separated from his girlfriend.

Shelter rules don’t allow staff to insist that customers take more than one animal at a time. Luckily, the couple didn’t have to be separated.

When Jack and his fiancée went to meet Luna, they found her sleeping on Louis’ lap.

This touching photo dispelled all doubts, the couple immediately understood that they would bring home two cats at once.

The couple had all the paperwork prepared for Luna, but took Louis on a trial period.

The young couple had never kept pets before and they weren’t sure if they could handle the pair in one go, but they also didn’t want to separate the lovely couple so they made this decision.

In the first few days it was clear that Louis would also stay at the house of Jack and his girlfriend.

The cats quickly got used to the house and behaved very calmly, causing no problems for their new owners.

Luna and Louie spent every minute together and their friendship has only grown stronger in their new home.

After a week of trying, Jack went to the shelter, not to return the kitten, but to draw up the necessary paperwork so that Louis could also stay in their home.

Both kitties have become family favorites. They had grown up and changed a lot in appearance, becoming really beautiful, the only thing that remained unchanged was the animals’ sincere love for each other.

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