Try hard. Can you spot the bird of prey in the rocks in 30 seconds?


A mysterious bird is hiding on the river bank. You must find it in less than 30 seconds to complete the challenge.

A visual challenge is an exercise that allows you to put your mind to work. It usually consists of finding animals, people or objects in images within a certain period of time. They seem simple, but they develop our understanding by making our answers timely.

Sometimes these difficulties arise with certain additional rules that make it more exciting. You can find time constraints that add a more interesting air to the challenge, increasing the difficulty and adrenaline to find the solution.

In other cases, they give you the freedom to explore the image at your own pace without rushing to find those elusive details hidden in the visual details.

A flexible mind is very important to succeed in today’s fast-paced and constantly evolving world.

It allows people to stay ahead of the competition, enabling them to think quickly and find new solutions in moments of crisis or uncertainty.

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