A dօg finds a stranded baby dօlphin and saves its life


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A little puppy named Leia saved the life of a baby dolphin after she found him all alone, stranded on a shore.

Rich Wilcox stepped onto Criccieth beach in Wales after hearing her springer spaniel Leia bark hysterically as if he were crying for help.

“I was taking pictures of the amazing scenery when I heard my dog barking at me from further down the beach…he had obviously discovered something!”

As he recovered, he realized that Leia had spotted a baby dolphin or porpoise stranded in the surface water and stuck in the sand.

So he and Leia wօrked together carefully to take the little sea creature back to the sea and, luckily for us, captured it all with an electronic camera.

“I stayed on the site for some time to make sure he didn’t come back.

I spoke to the Coast Guard once I got the signal and they reported it to the scientific research team as well.

I think the little one was lucky as there was no one aroսnd for miles,” she wrote on YouTube.

He affectionately nicknamed the stranded animal Pal and snapped a picture of him when he went swimming again.

Leia is the true heroine who observed the animal in distress and received help: «If it hadn’t been for my dog barking, I would have lost it».

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