A man built a 24-hօսr restaսrant for hօmeless dօgs


He continues to feed the local dogs but wants to help more animals.

He then built a restaurant that he called «Hunger Zero» for the dogs who needed it most.

The dog João de Souza Araújo is a 29-year-old man who always puts food and water under the tree in front of his house.

He thinks that’s not enough, he wants to help more animals. Suffering from the mistreatment of many of these dogs, he had a brilliant idea.

He built a restaurant, which he called «Hunger Zero», for the dogs who needed it most.

The restaurant consists of a roof to keep the food away from the sun and rain, a bowl, a special night water supply and a lighting system.

Once Joan took care of a lost dog in his neighborhood and had a pot of water and food in front of the house.

Now that dogs can feed and drink 24/7, the space is cleaner, easier to manage and more comfortable for pets.

. «It works 24 hours a day with food and water for all the dogs that arrive.

For some time, Joan has been fսnding the feeding of these animals and has been counting on the help of her mother, who brings her daily food.

The feeders work with a system that holds 20 liters of water and the tank is refilled every time it is emptied.

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