The mother who was a triplet gives birth to quadruplets after waiting for ten years to have a child


Kayla Glines has many reasons to be happy: she is the first third child in the world to give birth to quadruplets.

Against all odds, 32-year-old Kayla has given birth to Reese, Jameson, Oaklee, and Lincoln.

One striking image shows the little ones cuddled together… not unlike an old family album photo of Kayla growing up with her triplets.

Her incredible story of her spans more than a decade of hope, patience,

despair and finally unbridled joy when her wish of her to have a family with husband Allen came true.

Mom Who Was a Triplet Gives Birth to Quadruplets

Two years ago she became pregnant with triplets after fertility treatment.

Two of her young survived, but one died in the womb.

When she conceived again, this time naturally, Kayla was stunned to discover that she would have four more children.

She said: «We couldn’t believe it when I went for an ultrasound and the doctor told me I was pregnant with quadruplets.»

Mom Who Was a Triplet Gives Birth to Quadruplets

«We’ve been trying for so many years to get pregnant naturally and finding out I’d have four kids, especially when I’m triplet myself, was truly incredible.»

«We were very nervous because we knew how risky a quadruple pregnancy can be, but luckily all the babies were born safely.»

Kayla and social worker Allen, who live in Salt Lake City, Utah, had previously adopted her brother’s two daughters,

now ages eight and six, before starting fertility treatment in 2016.

Two of the triplets were born without issue in August 2017 and the quadruplet arrived in March of this year.

The couple then has six children under the age of two and eight in total. Mom Who Was a Triplet Gives Birth to Quadruplets

Kayla added, “Sometimes Allen and I can’t believe what’s happened to us.

We spent 10 years looking for a family and now we have a huge family, made up of eight children and us!».

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