Only a genius can spot two hidden cats in the living room in 7 seconds!


An optical illusion to test your IQ.

Research shows that the normal human brain can perceive different perceptions or images from each perspective. Optical illusions are usually mind-altering images of an object or picture or people that challenge the brain’s perception.

There are different types of optical illusions such as physical, physiological and cognitive illusions.

Solving riddles and puzzles is a great way to train your attention and concentration. Even our distant ancestors knew this. some of the earliest known riddles come from Babylonian times.

The «Seek and Find Challenge» is a popular event to test your observation skills. Do you have good observation skills? Then find two hidden cats in the living room within 7 seconds.

Search and find a puzzle. «Seek and Find» puzzle is based on the premise of finding a hidden object in a picture under time constraints.

Solving these puzzles requires focus and concentration, and it provides a sense of accomplishment after finding the hidden object.

This activity is extremely useful for improving observational skills and is also a great stress reliever.

It is extremely popular among children and adults and is often used as a fun way to improve cognitive skills.

Want to test how detail-oriented you are?

Try to find out this problem.

The picture shared above shows a living room scene where you can see a lady and a gentleman sitting on a chair while a little girl is playing on the floor.

As the title suggests, there are two cats in the living room and you have 7 seconds to spot them.

Individuals with keen observation skills can spot cats over time.

Look carefully at the image, scan all the areas and see if you can spot the hidden cats.

Find two hidden cats in 7 seconds — Solution
The location of the hidden cats is indicated by red circles, and one is on the ground under the gentleman’s feet, and the other is by the lady’s side.

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