Visual Challenge: Can you spot the 3 bottles without caps in this image in 30 seconds?


Discover a fun visual test where you have to find three bottles without a cork among others. There are more and more online tests, some measuring your visual or intellectual skills, others allowing you to know yourself better. They are designed to entertain you for a short while.

In this test, focus on finding the three bottles without caps. Your visual and cognitive abilities and your attention to detail will be put to the test.

Take the time to carefully analyze all the details.

You have 30 seconds to complete the challenge. Stay focused and follow these tips: concentrate on the tops of the bottles, don’t get distracted by their number, and look carefully at each bottle.

Did you succeed ?

If you found all three bottles without caps in this eye test, congratulations! Your observation and concentration have paid off.

For those who did not succeed, here is the solution: the first bottle is on the first row, third column on the right.

The second bottle is located on the second row, sixth column from the left. Finally, the last bottle is on the last row and last column.

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