Find the differences: sharpen your vision and break all records


Try your best and beat every time record. Test your visual skills and take on this fun new challenge that has gone viral online.

The game “Find the Differences” has always been liked by everyone, young and old.

Notice the various details and determine what the difference is between the two images below.

Concentrate and try to notice all the details that don’t match in just a few seconds.

Stimulating your mental abilities with these games is a good way to spend your time and improve your problem-solving skills and quickly finding the right answers to various quizzes.

Specifically, today we present to you the famous game “Find the Differences”.

Your skill is to quickly find all the differences between two images.

The faster you find them, the greater your chances of breaking each record.

The maximum time allowed for taking the test is 60 seconds, but a trained and prepared mind will surely find all the differences in less time.

However, you will have to figure out for yourself how many different details there are between the two scenes.

The two images show two elderly people, a man and a woman, likely on a journey.

He has a camera around his neck, and the context usually resembles a vacation.

These two photos may seem the same, but they actually differ in some details. How many?

If you found the solution on your own, congratulations.

Your visual skills are very developed. For those who have difficulties, a little hint: there are three differences in total that you need to find.

Now look at the images again and try to find them quickly. Above we will show you what the differences are.

Any differences between the two images are outlined in red: the suitcase, the buttons on the woman’s blouse, and the missing palm tree.

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