An unusual test of attention. Only the smartest will be able to cope with this and find the hidden person!


We cannot deny that modern people are quite lazy; Not everyone likes to read long articles or messages on the Internet.

Of course, some effort is required. However, visual content works wonders.

Today we invite you to combine business with pleasure and take our visual intelligence test.

You won’t have to read a lot, because the task will be in the image.

But you will get a dose of usefulness, because the test will force you to test your brain, concentration and

demonstrate your intellectual abilities. Are you afraid of making a mistake? Well, let’s begin.

Is intelligence your strong point? Take this quick test and find out if this is true.

Have you ever taken a standardized intelligence test?

If the answer is yes, you will know that it will take quite a long time (unless you are a genius who solves all questions in a second).

However, there are many other tests that can help determine your intelligence level.

Of course, you shouldn’t take them too seriously. Often these tasks have an entertaining component.

But these tests are also useful.

They show how smart, analytical and logical you are.

Now we offer you one of these tests. Go ahead, answer it!

Set the timer for 11 seconds and look at the image.

During this time you have to find a person. It is not easy. F

New people manage to do it on time. I hope you are one of the smartest and most attentive.

If you cannot find the person in the picture even after 11 seconds, you can see the answer at the end of the article.

You can also give yourself a little more time and continue your image search.

Yes, there is a man in the photo. And it is closer to the right corner of the image.

If you were attentive and smart, you noticed that one of the bears was abnormal.

He has markings on his fur, like on his clothes.

That’s right, because the photo shows a man dressed as a bear.

Can you guess where the man is in the photo?

Did you like the task? Share our publication with your friends and test their wits.

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