Figure out the logical mistake of this image, most people can’t. See the answer in the link in the comments👇👇👇


Every day, more and more social media users decide to try tests or logic challenges. These fun riddles intrigue us and push us to look for the solution that eludes everyone. We feel like little Sherlock Holmes, we want to discover the truth at all costs.

The challenge we are offering today is only suitable for real investigators. Only 1% of users managed to solve it by finding the logical error present in the image. And are you part of that tiny 1%? Let’s see which one of you is close to the famous Sherlock.

Out of 100 users who attempted to pass the test, only 1 of them managed to find the solution. Are you sure you have the skills needed to take on this challenge? Well, let’s see if you’re right.

The image is simple, there are four card players, they are playing a game. But there is a logical error in this image, and you must find it to complete the challenge.

The famous detective Holmes really has an extremely keen intelligence and manages to notice details that escape everyone else. He himself says:

Research is, or should be, an exact science and should therefore be treated in a cold and detached manner.

Obviously, we are not talking here about solving crimes, but about finding the logical mistake. Did you succeed? You have all the time available, there are no limits. So keep your eyes peeled if you want to be part of this very small percentage of winners.

Are you still looking for the solution? You will be happy to know that even though the error is quite obvious, almost no one notices it. But don’t give up, maybe you can find the mistake in this fun eye test.

Are you giving up or have you found the error? Well now we show you the solution and find out who managed to solve the test. Now, let’s reveal the solution.

Here the mystery is revealed, two of the players have the same card in their hands. The Ace of Clubs, and as you all know, there are no duplicates in playing cards. Were you able to find it? You are real detectives, congratulations. If you were unable to find the error, don’t worry, errors happen and given the statistics, many fail this test.

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