If you’re blind-eyed, count all the people in this picture! See the answer in the link in the comments👇👇👇


A gripping riddle sparked widespread debate online as bewildered observers struggled to find the precise solution.

If you’re a puzzle lover, you’ve come across the right challenge to put your eyes and logical reasoning to the test!

Let’s get straight to it. Start by reviewing the image below before proceeding for further instructions.

Your task is to examine the image above and answer the question: How many people are present in the image?

Despite its seemingly simple nature, this puzzle is anything but simple.

It is full of tricks, and only the sharpest minds can discern the deceptions to provide the correct answer.

Take another look before scrolling down for clues!

Was your original estimate 11? Unfortunately, this is inaccurate!

The paintings are not of real individuals and should not be included.

Maybe you went for 5? Incorrect again!

The actual number exceeds this number.

Don’t forget the stone statue in the middle, though, because it’s unquestionably lifeless.

Re-evaluate the puzzle and unveil the correct answer by scrolling down once you’ve completed your exam!

The exact answer is 6! Six individuals populate the image, one of which is cleverly hidden behind the painting on the right side.

Have you managed to spot the hidden person? How long did it take you to notice the opening in the painting?

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