What kind of detective are you: is this a murder or a suicide? See the answer in the link in the comments👇👇👇👇


Is this a murder or suicide, is a puzzle question over which many on social networks are «wracking their heads».

Underneath the drawing of the tragically killed woman, there is a debate about whether she killed herself or whether her killer staged everything.

The drawing shows a dead woman with a gun in one hand and a cigarette in the other. On her desk is something that looks like a letter, an ashtray full of cigarettes, cars, glasses and a lamp.

There is a large blood stain on the wall next to her.

What do you think, is this suicide or murder?

Although many people think that it is suicide, it may actually be the opposite.

This looks like a clear case of murder for the following reasons:

The person is obviously left-handed. The lamp is placed on the right side, which is again a common tendency of a left-handed person. She even holds a half-burnt cigarette in her left hand, so she obviously didn’t shoot herself.

Basic human behavior suggests that we finish all work before committing suicide. So she should smoke a cigarette first before she has to kill herself.

Hold the gun in the opposite direction of the blood splatter. The point of impact and blood spatter say otherwise.

When you commit suicide with a gun, your body releases all tension, which means that the gun would not be in your hand.

But there is also an explanation that this is also a case of suicide.

A person can be right-handed. Look at the position of the pen on the table. It is placed in a way that suggests that she used her right hand to write.

There is a distinct trace of blood in the picture. If you lay your head in that position, you will notice how your muscles make a path for the blood to flow and collect on the collarbone, as in the picture, which would mean that the wound would have to be on the right temple.

The ashtray and Coca-Cola on the left are because the person uses their non-dominant hand for recreation.

What is your theory? Write to us in the comments.

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