Can you find the squirrel in the picture in less than 40 seconds? See the answer in the link in the comments👇👇👇👇


Britons are being urged to find the wily squirrel hiding in the autumn leaves, with the animal perfectly camouflaged in the red, orange and brown leaves.

The quiz was created by Jurys Inn, who developed a trio of tests focusing on London’s attractions, including its green gardens.

They said: “Doodles are a great way to occupy your mind and fight boredom, whether you’re sitting at home, waiting for the bus or entertaining yourself on a train or flight.

«We’ve created 3 tricky travel puzzles to test your puzzle skills, whether you’re getting excited about an upcoming trip or looking for an escape at home.»

They confirmed that no one managed to find the forest creature in less than 40 seconds.

If you couldn’t find the squirrel, we toured its hiding place below.

But if you want a tip before you give up, try looking at the bottom half of the picture.

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