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A young angel from Oklahoma suffered abuse at the hands of his biological parents and was given up for adoption. Yet, upon arriving at the doorstep of his adoptive parents, he handed them a letter that would move them to tears…

Child abuse is the infliction of harm or the risk of serious harm upon a child by a parent or caregiver, whether through action or inaction, resulting in physical, emotional, or even fatal injuries.

There are myriad forms of child abuse, including neglect, physical abuse, sexual abuse, exploitation, and emotional abuse.

DREAMCATCHERS FOR ABUSED CHILDREN, INC. is an official non-profit organization recognized under 501(c)3, committed to combating child abuse and neglect.

Their mission is to «educate the public on all aspects of child abuse such as symptoms, intervention, prevention, statistics, reporting, and to help victims find appropriate resources necessary for complete recovery.»

Recently, the organization shared a letter from one of the children who was abused by both parents, severe alcoholics. It’s heart-wrenching to witness a child who has never experienced the true love and joy of their biological parents.

All this young one knew was abuse, neglect, and hunger. Some people are monsters…

A neighbor witnessed something dreadful happening in a nearby house and took pity on the little boy trapped inside. They decided to alert child protective services.

When the police arrived, they brought the boy to the organization Dreamcatchers for Abused Children, ensuring that such horrendous things would never happen to him again.

Once the organization found a perfect and fitting family for the child, tears filled my eyes as I read what he had written on a piece of paper.

The desire of this child is for all the things that should be normal… here’s what he wrote:

«The things I want in my family:
I want food and water.
Don’t hit me.
A home with running water and light.
I want love.

Mom and dad don’t fight.
I don’t want drugs.
Don’t kill my pets.
Help in school.
Nice, clean clothes.

No lice. No bugs in the house.
Clean home.
Clean bed with blankets.
Don’t sell my toys.
Treat me fairly.
Don’t drink.
TV in the house.

Let me keep my school stuff.
Nice shoes.
My own comb and soap. Nice, safe, heated home.

As you read this, you likely have everything this little boy wants. What you should take from this: never take anything for granted. The life you have now is someone else’s wish list.

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