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Today, Mireille is 77 years old, lives alone in her own house, looks good, and occasionally gives interviews. The Frenchwoman reveals the secret of her beauty.

Early Years

The future singer Mireille Mathieu was born in July 1946. She had 13 brothers and sisters. Being the eldest, she had to help a lot and work around the house.

The singer doesn’t hide that she did a double study at school, not because of her talent, but because of her first teacher.

Mireille was left-handed. When the girl took a pen in her left hand, the teacher hit her on that hand to force her to write with her right hand.

All of this led to the young student starting to stutter when reading, and eventually, she left school to work in a factory where she made envelopes.

The talent came from her father, who had a beautiful voice and often played music at home.

Mireille sang duets with her father in the church choir. Her first public appearance in 1965 made her famous, and shortly after, she began singing professionally.

Current Life

In the fall of 2022, she embarked on an international jubilee tour and also visited Russia, where she gave concerts in St. Petersburg.

Although she was initially scheduled to participate in the Moscow Spasskaya Tower festival, she declined due to events in Ukraine.

However, she loves the Ukrainian and Russian people and calls for negotiations between the presidents of both countries to end the war.

Personal Life

Mireille wanted to marry twice, but both times, she broke off the engagements. She doesn’t give interviews about her private life.

She lived with her sister for a long time before opting for a more withdrawn lifestyle.

She openly shares her beauty secrets: she never tans, avoids direct sunlight, doesn’t drink alcohol, doesn’t smoke, and only uses organic products.

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