Amazing Find: Archaeologists Baffled by Legendary Dragon Skull Found on Beach (More details below👇)


In a stunning UK marketing initiative, a massive dragon skull is being carefully cleaned and erected on Dorset’s ‘Jurassic Coast’, known for its rich dinosaur fossils, to mark the impending arrival of the third season of ‘Game of Thrones’ on streaming service Blipkbox to celebrate.

The discovery of this legendary dragon skull on the beach amazes and fascinates archaeologists. The skull, which measures a whopping 40 feet long and 9 feet high, was painstakingly crafted over a two-month period and represents the most impressive marketing campaign for «Game of Thrones» to date.

This initiative is reminiscent of HBO’s ad highlight released in February New York Times, where the shadow of a dragon dominated the entire newspaper page.

This extraordinary campaign was combined with a spectacular GOT exhibition in New York, where visitors had the opportunity to experience the iconic character of the series up close. The Blipkbox campaign, managed by Taylor Herripg PR, aimed to create the illusion that the giant skull had actually washed up on the shore.

In another highlight, a 12ft statue of Mr Darcy from Pride and Prejudice was unveiled at the Serpentine in London last month to celebrate the launch of a new drama program on UKTV.

Beachgoers were stunned to find this gigantic skull, the size of a bus, standing majestically on Dorset’s Jurassic Coast. Measuring 40 feet long, 8 feet wide, and 9 feet tall, this find was an ichthyosaur.

Back in 2004, a huge dolphin-like dolphin was discovered in the same area, which lived 220-65 million years ago. This discovery is the first of its kind and shows a fascinating connection between dragons, ichthyosaurs and dolphin-like creatures that populated our earth millions of years ago.

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