A cute Footage. A talented parrot sings Bob Dylan’s “Knockin’ on Heaven’s Door”
Parrots are one of the most talented birds you will ever come across. Tico, the parrot, was no different from this statement. Recently, he was caught creating a
Worth watching. A hillarious footage of a parrot mimicing human laughter and coughing
A parrot mimics human laughter and this is so funny. Parrots are known mimicing different sounds in such a cute way. This parrot can imitate human laughter
A hillarious footage. A very funny parrot tries to be invisable whenever he knows about visiting a vet
The cockatoo Max visited his vet the previous week. Now when he has to visit the vet he behaves so crazy. Thr cockatoo has had successful visits but he
A hillarious and smart cockatoo barks like a dog to communicate with her best friend
Birds and dogs are intelligent creatures. They always do their best in any situation. They would find a way to communicate with one another in such a way.
Man Rescued Orphaned Pelican And Now They Have The Most Incredible Bond
Here at the Holidog Times, we’ve seen our fair share of unlikely friendships. But a man rescuing a pelican and taking him under his wing (excuse the pun)
Hilarious footage a cheeky cockatoo says ‘hello’ to a homeowner after being caught breaking into her house by sneaking in through a window
A cheeky cockatoo breaking into a house through a window said ‘hello’ to the homeowner after being caught red handed. Footage posted online shows the native
Very funny footage. A hilarious moment peek-a-boo with neighbour’s cat
Even it seems that only humans tease each other. Animals also have the habbit of tesasing each other. Though it seems that parrots are afraid of cats.
A positive video. The crazy umbrella cockatoo loses his mind whenever he sees a camera
An umbrella cockatoo just adores to be crazy. Whenever the white coloured cute creature sees a camera he behaves rather different. The sweet cockatoo tries
A hillarious footage of a crazy cockatoo. Angry Cockatoo destroys entire row of anti-nesting spikes
Here in Ozzyland, we bloody love a rogue. Yeah, fair dinkum, ever since the days of Ned Kelly, cheeky scallywags have been high on our list of Ozzy legends
Enjoy this fun collection of all the best cockatoo videos.
Cockatoos are the funniest birds ever. They love to sing, repeat everything they hear and are incredibly intelligent birds. Enjoy this fun collection of