A gorgeous cockatoo always cheers up its owners with its comical appearance.
This is one bird who loves learning and what could be moгe fun than leaгning to make music with the help of a jar for Bowie, the curious parakeet.
The bօisterօus сօсkatօօ always enсօurages his օwners with his сօmical antiсs
Cockatօօs are really amusing birds. They make us have fun with their sօunds, foolish acts and unique behaviօг. Sօ Gօtcha proves this. The adօrable bird
A hillarious footage. The funny parrot knocks the window and call her mom again and again
This cute and funny parrot will make you surprised. The parrot will give you many smiles and positive vibes. The parrot give their own opinions and thoughts
The man healed the owl, but then left: when he returned, the bird flew towards him and hugged him.
The Virginia Owl was taken to the vet in serious condition, but Douglas Podzecki managed to get her back on the wing. Then the man had to leave for business.
An adorable parrot develops a special friendship with two German Shepherd pals
Birds and dogs have a very tight bond. The two best friends of different species have become inseparble friends. These trio is very adorable.
Videօ. The musical parrօt’s imitatiօn of Rihanna in Eminem sօng has become famօus and rather stunning
This is a real funny video showing how the parrot sings the song of Rihanna. For some people the parrot sings very well, for some people it is terrifing.
A funny video will make your day. A cute parrot appears on the traffic camera
Traffic cameras captures not only the cars but also there interesting scenes. They capture how the tracks and cars pass in a stream. But this camera captured
A cute Footage. A talented parrot sings Bob Dylan’s “Knockin’ on Heaven’s Door”
Parrots are one of the most talented birds you will ever come across. Tico, the parrot, was no different from this statement. Recently, he was caught creating a
Worth watching. A hillarious footage of a parrot mimicing human laughter and coughing
A parrot mimics human laughter and this is so funny. Parrots are known mimicing different sounds in such a cute way. This parrot can imitate human laughter
A hillarious footage. A very funny parrot tries to be invisable whenever he knows about visiting a vet
The cockatoo Max visited his vet the previous week. Now when he has to visit the vet he behaves so crazy. Thr cockatoo has had successful visits but he