His name is Frederick the Great and he is the most beautiful horse in the world
The sublime appearance of this horse captivates everyone. You can look at his long windy hair with endless admiration. She was photographed by Cally Matherly
A veterinarian crawls into a kennel to sleep with a dog injured by fire
The life of a puppy, named Taka, almost ended in a fire. Last week, the eight-year-old’s home caught fire while he was on a porch.
This dog with broken legs lived alone in a ditch – until the arrival of this miracle
Lukasz Muniowski and his wife Natalia were cycling in the Polish countryside when they found a stray pet dog whose head was bulging from a ditch.
Unfortunately, his owner broke his spirit with a belt, but veterinarians insist that his soul is invincible.
Dogs that have been abused due to deep trauma take a long time to trust people again. A local shelter in Texas adopted a dog named Gia, but the shelter
The lucky photographer was surprised when the cheetah approached quietly and hugged him.
Sasan Amir, a 27-year-old German photographer and filmmaker, is a frequent visitor to the African savannah. There he takes beautiful photos and videos
Poor Boo! Apparently, his humans moved, and put him out to the curb with the trash that they left behind.
Poor Boo! Apparently, his humans moved, and put him out to the curb with the trash that they left behind. He was found just lying on the discarded items
Unwanted ‘ugly’ dog bursts into tears when hugged for the first time in his life
This stray dog has lived in desolation all his life. He was used to all the dirt around him and just wanted to avoid the people he hated.
A dog waits outside the store with a sign around his neck: then people read
From time to time we come across the story of an irresponsible owner who leaves his dog in a public place with a sign around his neck. He asks that someone
The little chihuahua is waiting for the most important persօnne of his life – and it’s not even the priest
Little Franny’s whole day is devoted to a tense wait. She’s waiting for a small white truck to come out of the street: they met the man who
Gօlden Retriever Fiոally Getting the Pսppy He Always Wanted
The golden retrievers are one of the most joyful and caring animals ever living in this world. They fully enjoy the company of other animals too and are