A cօսple came to the shelter to get a cat, but she didn’t want to leave her friend
Like humans, animals are capable of sincere feelings for each other. Sometimes a close friendship develops between animals that cannot be broken without hurting them.
A 10 day old kitten clings tօ hands and pսrrs happily
This adorable 10-day-old kitten is happy to get help to get by and won’t stop purring happily. An adorable 10-day-old kitten named Clove has arrived
Dirty and hungry, he begs for someone to help him with the tangle of hair that prevents him from walking
Every dirty, hungry and needy stray can achieve an incredible transformation when it gets into the right hands. They go from being a tangled and dirty
A cat rescued a newborn baby who was ruthlessly abandoned in a small box in the basement
Kindness is always appreciated and remembered, especially if it is towards a stranger. But what does kindness mean to animals? Have you ever wondered how
The cat waited two weeks in the same place for its owner, who was taken to hospital
Everyone knows the stories of how dogs wait for their owners for years. But cats can be just as loyal. In the small town of Shuya in Ivanovo, there was
Why a cat is useful in the house: facts and signs.
A cat in the house is always good. In ancient times, this animal was not just a mascot or a good luck talisman: in some cultures, it was a deity.
A boy meets a cat that was lօst 7 months ago, his reactiօn will melt even a heart of stօne
Owners love their pets and it comes as a real shock to them when their pet is lost. The boy’s cat was missing seven months ago, and the boy’
Do you know what happens when your kitty cries real tears?
It is not very common to see a cat with tears in its eyes. But, although it is not impossible, we must be alert to know what it is about and act at the moment.
A brave kitten swam across an icy river, unafraid of the current, and found his masters.
Something amazing happened in Saransk. The employees of a local company were on vacation on the banks of the Sura River. When they got there, they heard
Video. Little kitten imitates his human lover when he receives caresses
Cats never cease to amaze humans. This can be properly said once a little pussycat was observed on social networks loving his human friend.