The cat waited two weeks in the same place for its owner, who was taken to hospital


Everyone knows the stories of how dogs wait for their owners for years. But cats can be just as loyal.

In the small town of Shuya in Ivanovo, there was a pensioner who lived in an old house in the center of town.

Her husband had long since died, her children were scattered across the country, and her grandmother lived alone with her old cat, Vasili.

In order not to get bored at home, the woman was employed as a cleaner in the store.

Every day, when he went out for a few hours, he let his cat Vaska go for a walk. Then I waited for him by the fence, circling the house. The host always brought him something delicious to eat.

But once the woman did not come home from work. he got sick there and the ambulance took him to the hospital with a stroke.

And the cat was standing on the fence waiting. One day later, a kind-hearted woman saw him and started feeding him. I thought it was lost or thrown away.

A week later, the pensioner recovered in the hospital and was able to speak. He asked one of the neighbors to find Vasya and stay with him during treatment.

Of course, he could not refuse it. he had found the cat in the same place next to the fence.

He recognized the neighbor and agreed to go home for the night. Every morning I asked him to come out and go to his place by the fence.

The owner told her about the loyalty of the cat, and the woman felt a great desire to recover as soon as possible. Within a week, the doctors allowed him to return home for treatment.

When the landlord appeared on the street, Vasya recognized him from a distance and literally jumped for joy. And the woman grew to love her cat even more because it was part of her treatment.

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