The wolf came to the village asking for food, and the forester took pity on her: two months later she did not come to him alone.


One winter, it was very cold, forester Stephen was sitting at home drinking tea, when he suddenly heard a noise.

The noise was under his fence, the sounds of some kind of beast were heard. Stephen came out of the house to see what was going on and what that noise was.

The man thought for a moment, but ended up bringing him some frozen meat. He knew that in winter the forest was exceptionally empty and that it was too difficult for them to find food for themselves and the children.

The wild beast’s behavior was rather unusual. Predators live in their territory and they usually do not come out to people, and if this happens it is quite rare, due to intense hunger.

After that, the wolf started coming to him more often for food, and the locals started scolding Stephen for it.

They didn’t want to see wolves in their village, everyone was scared and wouldn’t allow children out of the house because of it.

But Stephen decided to ignore their gossip and continued to feed the wild wolf. He understood it, he knew that if the wolf is hungry in winter, it becomes even more dangerous for all the inhabitants.

After a while, when the winter passed, the visits of the wolf ceased. All were happy and content except Stephen himself. He realized that he was already used to the wolf’s visits and even missed him a little.

It was not until spring that he heard such a familiar howl again. The man immediately rushed out of the house and saw something he hadn’t expected.

The wolf brought with her her two youngest children, the cubs. All the animals watched Stephen in silence.

He thought and realized that the wolf had been feeding her young all this time with these pieces of meat.

And now the wolves have moved to another place to live differently and not scare them. The wolf said goodbye to Stephen and after this incident no one else saw the wolves in the area. If it was interesting, share it with your friends and family!

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