Adorable furry ears found in Australia


Many call these giant flying animals and some large opossums. They are very small creatures. By the way, that’s why they can slip on the wrinkles between the paws.

This guy was recently found in Australia, which appears to be a stuffed animal. They have such interesting ears.

The beast weighs only 1.5 kg, when fully grown, eats exclusively vegetarians, and the most favorite food is eucalyptus leaves. They fly up to a hundred meters and glide like a squirrel.

Previously it was believed that there was only one species of this animal. But recently, scientists made a discovery. There are actually three types. They are all very similar.

They are mainly seen in Australia, but the oldest are found in the south.

Unfortunately, many of them have disappeared due to the fires. But now environmental services are seriously dealing with this issue.

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